Overview of Research Findings




48% Male


52% Female



Age Range


28% under 35


34% 35-55


38% over 55



Important Findings


78% said it was important to recycle


76% said they regularly recycle: The top three reasons: helping the environment, saving the cost of waste disposal and reducing landfills


The main reason for not recycling: lack of a recycling service


77% pay a trash hauler to pick up their household waste including recyclables


Respondents indicated they would recycle more frequently if they could put their recyclables into a single bin without sorting


76% favor single-stream recycling: The main reasons: convenience, easier to recycle, increasing the number of people that recycle, and helping the environment







Lycoming County residents are generally supportive of recycling


Most recycle for environmental reasons


Three in four pay for a trash hauler to dispose of their waste


Reactions to single-stream recycling are positive


Respondents believe they will recycle more often if single-stream recycling is introduced


A majority of respondents would switch waste haulers if another waste hauler offered single-stream recycling